about us


Our vision is to create a medical care center that is synonymous with the most professional care with a human touch. We aim to put human lives first and provide the best medical attention to date with a vision to become the most trusted medical care centers in the country.


Viswas Hospitals has a single mission to continuously upgrade its medical facilities to bring in the most updated and the latest medical technology available to cure patients and work with the brightest names in the fraternity to provide niche medical care.

About Viswas Hospitals

A dream venture of the renowned medical couple, Dr. C. Upendra Shobhanadri and Dr.V.Uma Upendra, Viswas Hospitals is their collective version of an ideal medical center dedicated to the well being and health care of the people around. Viswas Hospitals was started in November 2017, with the single-minded aim to serve the needy and make the world a better and a healthier place to live.

A hospital with a difference, Viswas Hospitals believes in being the best and providing the aptest treatment and care procedures to people to make sure speedy recovery and a ‘disease free’ country. Both the doctors at the helm of the affairs are known in the medical fraternity for being one of the best in the industry and have a proven track record of successful diagnosis, surgeries, and postoperative care.


Our single most value that Viswas Hospitals hinges on is the truth. Being true to our profession, we work tirelessly and dedicatedly, to bring forth the most advanced medical care to the patients to cure them holistically. We seek truth in our profession to deliver the best possible care to our patients with the most ardent desire to cure them in the best manner possible.