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High Pregnancy Risk

There are many causes and factors responsible for High Pregnancy Risk, that may affect pregnancy condition for women.

High blood pressure: even though high blood pressure may be risky for mother and fetus, many women with high blood pressure have healthy pregnancies and healthy children. Uncontrolled high blood pressure, however, will result in harm to the mother’s kidneys and will increase the chance for low birth weight or preeclampsia.

Diabetes: it is necessary for girls with diabetes to manage their glucose levels before getting pregnant. High glucose levels will cause birth defects during the first few weeks of pregnancy, typically before ladies even know they are pregnant. Consult the best gynaecologist in Guntur and take necessary care for controlling blood sugar levels and taking a multivitamin pill with forty micrograms of folic acid daily will facilitate cut back this risk.

Kidney disease: women with kidney disease typically have issue getting pregnant, and any pregnancy is at significant risk for miscarriage. Pregnant ladies with kidney disease need further treatments, changes in diet and medicine, and frequent visits to their healthcare provider.

Autoimmune disease: autoimmune diseases embrace conditions like lupus and multiple sclerosis. Some response diseases will increase a women's risk for problems during maternity. Reduce the risk factors for pregnancy by taking medication from the best gynaecologist in Guntur.

Thyroid disease: Uncontrolled thyroid disease, like associate hyperactive or hypoactive thyroid (a small gland within the neck that produces hormones that regulate the center rate and blood pressure), will cause issues for the fetus, like heart disease, poor weight gain, and birth defects.

Infertility: several studies have found that women World Health Organization take medication that increase the probabilities of pregnancy are considerably more possible to have maternity complications than those who get pregnant without help. These complications usually involve the placenta (the organ linking the fetus and the mother) and vaginal bleeding.

Obesity: obesity will make a maternity more difficult, increasing a woman’s chance of developing diabetes throughout pregnancy, which may contribute to difficult births. On the opposite hand, some ladies weigh insufficient for his or her own health and the health of their growing fetus.

HIV/AIDS: HIV/AIDS damages cells of the immune system, creating it difficult to fight infections and bound cancers. women will pass the virus to their fetus during pregnancy; transmission can also occur throughout labor and biological process or through breastfeeding. luckily, effective treatments exist to cut back the spread of HIV from the mother to her fetus, newborn, or infant.