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All types of fevers

A fever is an internal heat level that is higher than normal temperature. Usually a normal temperature can differ from individual to individual, yet it is generally around 98.6 F. A fever isn't an infection however,it’sa sign that your body is attempting to battle a sickness or disease. We have the Best General Medicine Doctors in Guntur for all types of Viral Fever Treatments. Consult the Best fever clinics in Guntur for the Viral infection.

Continuous Fever

Do not neglect viral fever and go to the fever hospitals in Guntur Within 24 hours of time, if an individual’s temperature continues to remain beyond normal range and doesn't vacillate more than 1°C.

Remittent fever

This type of viral fever is like continual fever, as the individual who is affected will continue to have an increased temperature. In any case, the key distinction is that it vacillates more than 1°C. Visit the best fever hospitals in Guntur who has experienced General Medicine Doctors.


Hyperpyrexia is an extreme elevation in the body of person’s temperature, which extends to 41.5°C.


It is not actually viewed as a real type of fever since it isn't the body creating the high temperature, instead it is a common symptom, for seizures and trouble in relaxing.

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